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  • How To Become A New York State Real State Agent


    Procedure to become a licensed real state broker in New York State:

    1. You must attend a Real Estate School or take a Real Estate Courses.
    2. You must pass the examination and receive a certificate stating that you took the courses and passed the examination.
    3. After passing the Real Estate School examination, you must take and pass the New York State Real Estate Salesperson Examination.
    4. After you pass the New York State Real Estate Salesperson Examination you must be sponsored by a Real Estate broker or firm before you can become licensed.
    5. Once you have found a sponsor, you will need to get a letter or authorization (temporary license). You can get this document at the Department of State located at 123 William Street on the 19th floor. You will need to bring with you:

      - a check for $50.00 made out the Department of State,
      - your pink and yellow pass slips received after passing the state examination
      - the application given to you upon completion of your Real Estate Courses

      You may also mail copies of all document to the Department of State located at 84 Holland Avenue, Albany, New York, 12208-3409.

    6. Upon submission of the above items, the Department of State will fax a letter of authorization (temporary license) to the Department of State in Albany for approval. You will then receive an immediate acceptance or denial. If approved, you will leave with your temporary license in hand. If you mail your document to the Department of State, you will not receive instant approval and will receive your temporary license within 3-4 weeks.

    Remember: When you show up for your first day of work, bring your temporary license with you. Your non-temporary license will be sent to the brokerage within 3-4 weeks after a temporary license is issued.

    If you have any questions please contact us through the form below.

    Good Luck!

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