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Manhattan’s Midtown East is on the East Side of the borough and it covers from 30th Street through to 59th Street. The greatest advantage of getting Midtown East apartments is the fact that you will be located near many of the city’s most popular sights and landmarks. These include Museum of Modern Art, Carnegie Hall, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, Museum of Television, F.A.O Schwartz, Trump Tower, Bloomingdale's, Plaza Hotel, IBM Building, and the United Nations Building, among other sights and landmarks. Other famous landmarks in Midtown East are the Empire State Building, the New York Public Library, the Daily News Building, and the Grand Central Terminal. If you live in these Manhattan apartments, you will truly feel like a true New Yorker.

 Most of the Midtown East apartment rentals are no fee rentals. There are many options to choose from, meaning you get exactly what you want in these NYC apartments. You can find buildings with condominium rentals, a cooperative that you can buy through coop sales NYC and you can get an apartment for sale in Midtown East.

 Like most of Manhattan, the avenues are traffic-choked and noisy and it is difficult to find parking, especially at night. However, there are a number of tranquil places in the neighborhood. Several city parks overlook the East River. These include the 1.34-acre Peter Detmold Park, which is the largest, and Greenacre Park. Midtown East has world-famous shopping opportunities. It also has world-famous restaurants such as Les Sans Culottes East,  P.J. Clarke's, and Le Veur D’Or and clubs such as ‘21’ club and private clubs such as the Home of billionaire Edgar, the Century Association, and the Yale Club of New York City.

 Midtown East combines the old with the new. If you are against the demolishing of pre-war buildings to give way for modern high-rises or you just do not like how high-rises are affecting the skyline, Midtown East has many neighborhood groups that have formed coalitions that are pressing for rezoning so that the height of new projects can be scaled down. This has helped these NYC apartment rentals appreciate year after year, even as real estate in other parts of New York and other parts of the country is depreciating.

 One disadvantage of living in Midtown East is that the neighborhood only has two public schools. These are the High School of Art and Design and P. S. 59. If you get an apartment in Midtown East, you will have to send your children out of the neighborhood. Before you get a rent apartment in Midtown East, you should note that prices here are on the upper side. Although Midtown East real estate is more readily available than in smaller neighborhoods in Manhattan such as Roosevelt Island, you will have to dig deep into your pockets. Although the crime rate is not as high as in the New York boroughs of Harlem, Brooklyn and Queens, crime is still a major issue and if you become a resident, be prepared for sirens at night.  

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