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West Village is a Manhattan neighborhood and it goes by the names Greenwich Village and the Village. If you are considering searching for an apartment for sale in West Village or renting Manhattan apartments or condo rentals, it is important that you understand the advantages and the disadvantages of living here. West Village is located between Houston Streets and 14th Street and 5th Avenue separates it from East Village.

One of the greatest reasons you should consider West Village apartments is the fact that this is a by just walking on the streets, you feel like you are in a small European city. This is because the streets are tree-lined and they are lined with independently owned shops, Indy bookstores, thrift shops and restaurants. The atmosphere is relaxed and calmer than in other parts of Manhattan. West Village streets receive a lot of sunshine because buildings are shorter than in other parts of Manhattan.

This is because there is controlled development. Most of the buildings in the West Village are pre-war buildings and since most of them are landmarks, even renovations have to be done in such a way that the aesthetics of the neighborhood is maintained. However, this is not to say West Village apartment rentals are old school. Almost all buildings have modern amenities. Living in the Village is a good experience because there are several small gardens between townhouses. Walking here makes you feel like a real New Yorker. 

The Village is home to many celebrities. These include Dylan Thomas, Bob Dylan, and several others. The Village is served by trains A, C, E, B, D, F, and V from the West 4th Street and train 1 and 9 from Christopher Street. Architecture in West Village is uncharacteristic of New York City architecture. Although most of the buildings are pre-war brownstones, the structures are more haphazard as opposed to regular grid structures. The streets are smaller and they run at different angles. This, the townhouses, and the European feel of the place gives the Village its character.

West Village real estate is mostly co-ops and this means to purchase NYC apartments, the best option is coop sales NYC. When considering NYC apartment rentals, you should consider your age and occupation. This is because a rent apartment in West Village is not ideal for a young and outgoing person. There is no vibrant nightlife in the Village and the fact that the neighborhood has many celebs and rich people means the vibe in the Village is not as friendly as the vibe in the rest of New York.

Another disadvantage of living in West Village is that it is very difficult to give directions. This is because unlike the rest of Manhattan, some of the streets have names instead of numbers. Another reason it is hard to give direction is that since the neighborhood does not have a grid patter, even the numbered streets are confusion. Another disadvantage of living in West Village is that it is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan. One-bedroom no fee rentals go for as much as $3000 per month.

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